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was going to be an easy victor on this day. when the general election happened. and in between, some very big changes. in just the last couple of weeks, as you pointed out, scott brown, who is a republican state senator, really caught fire. when we talked to voters, they described things like they rooe related to him, they liked his ideas, they believed that he's not an incumbent, so many voters here viewed martha coakley more of an incumbent even though her job is being massachusetts's attorney general. democrats we talked to have expressed frustrations, too. some of them say they're not happy with how things have been going in washington. and that may get help to vote for brown. others have been very much in support of coakley saying that they believe that she would more match the ideas of, foegs, ted kennedy's legacy. and they've tried to get out the vote today. they have a much stronger organization to do those things of getting people to the polls because of all of the democrats' history here and their usual
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dominance in these elections. so part of it is energy versus organization in how things will play out today. and from what we've been hearing checking in with different polling places, the turnout has been bigger than you would ever expect for a special election. more like a midterm election, but not rising to the level of when a presidential race is on the ballot. so this has gotten huge attention here in boston. it's raleally is snapshot of th discontent. and for some they're imposing on to scott brown a chance to do something differently even if they're not entirely sure about all of his views. and martha coakley who remains popular here has been hit with a lot of criticism about how she ran the campaign and some of the expectations that it might be easy for a democrat. so polls will close at 8:00 eastern and then we'll begin to wait for the results. unlike a lot of other races, there were not exit polls conducted today to give us some insight into what voters were thinking as they left polls, so we'll be waiting for the real
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vote count to tell us what happened here in massachusetts. larry? >> kelly, since this are no exit poll, i must ask and you terribly unfair question. you talked about a large voter turnout. so, are they scott brown independents or are they martha coakley democrats? >> reporter: well, it's hard to say because these things are very geographic. so if you're in a neighborhood that would typically lean more democrat, you'd see more coakley voters wanting to get out and say that she can win. and we heard a lot from democrats to say it's not over. they were clearly aware of the momentum and we certainly saw enthusiastic brown supporter, some of them republicans, some of them independent, because you get many independents here. so hard to answer, but certainly there is a lot of enthusiasm, some of it a bit defensive for democrats, some of it more fired up and insurgent among independents and republicans who think scott brown can really pull off an upset that would be
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a really extraordinary political significance with all of the issues you talked about earlier. >> all right, kelly, thank you very much for helping us out in your coverage. now, tonight's money politics message. you guessed it. when i sbrired scott two weeks ago on this program before any polls were out, what struck me was his breath takingly clear message of free market capitalism, including low marginal tax rates. as per john f. kennedy where brown actually ran kennedy ads for cutting taxes across the board. kennedy was the first post-world war ii supply side president. also, of course, the scott brown message to vote against bom care. now, take a listen to what state senator brown told me that evening two weeks ago. >> different people, different party, different era, but the same message and that's across the board tax cuts will put more money in people's pockets and create jobs and solve the fiscal mess that we're this right now. >> there you have it. politically, the bipartisan
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allure of the fairest and pro-growth tax cuts to attract republican, democrats and independents support as always baby across the board lower tax rates for everybody. tea party populism is what i am calling this. you know, this was jfk's genius, which led to the boom in the 1960s. it was also ronald reagan's genius which led to the boom in the '80s and '90s. and by the way, reagan touted jfk's tax cuts, as does scott brown precisely to bring in independents and democrats to the reagan coalition. now, the ted kennedy democrats opposed his brother's tax cuts much to their political detriment for decades. on the other hand, timid republicans have been shying away from the jfk/reagan economic message to their detriment. scott brown has put this tea party message front and center, back on the front brner and back
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on the kitchen table. cut taxes, cut spending, across the board tax cuts. should have been president obama's first priority. but obama's ideological stubbornness, his political favoritism and his crony insistence on punishing winners and rewarding losers including what's left of big labor has stopped or prevented the right policies for american economic growth. scott brown has stepped into this vacuum with an incredible message. and listen to this. scott brown, the populist, drives a pickup truck. that's right. part of his campaign. now, president obama on sunday in massachusetts mocked that pickup truck obama says everyone can buy a truck. so scott brown comes right back and says, you know, unfortunately, mr. president, in this economy not everyone can buy a pickup truck. and i quote from will brown, "my goal is to change that by cutting spending, lowering taxes
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and letting people keep more of their own message. "right on message from fr mr. browne. scott brown has also argue that had health care is a tax hike and that catch acap and trade i tax hike. and if he win, it could be a giant step forward towards ending the tax hikes, small and large businesses, and maybe we can move toward pro-growth policies and american prosperity pie way of true government limit, diminish debt, fair minded free market solutions and, yes, the of a forementioned lower and flatter tax rates. that is all why tonight's election occupies or program because of its incredible importance. and by the way, let me agree with my friend and former partner jim cramer that a scott brown victory this evening could trigger a huge stock market rally. the dow is up almost 100 points
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today. health care stocks led the way because a brown victory will most likely end the obama care quest. now, having said all this, i want to get reaction from our highly distinguished panel of experts. we have peter beinart, daily beast, senior fellow new america foundation. we have the "wall street journal's" steve moore. mr. moore will change the title if scott brown wins tonight. and on the program for the first time, robert take sracinskitrac. i want to go to peter beinart. i laid out the issues as i saw them and i want to get your reaction to my money politics message this evening. >> i think what you didn't include is the fact that when you have 10% unemployment, people are very angry at whoever is in power. in 1982 when up employment was
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very high and your pal, ronald reagan was in power, the republicans got sha lacked. obama is significantly more popular in massachusetts than all the republicans in congress. nationally his approval rating is still 50%. people are upset because the economy is so bad. if the economy recover, then obama's political fortunes will recover. >> but steve moore, imso taken by this scott brown message which is a combination of supply side tax cuts and the new pea tarty populist movement which we have talked about at some length. we'll get bob tracinski in on this. do you think peter beinart has really captured this issue? i think there's a massive revolt. and, steve, "washington post" no less, the "washington post" no less, 58/38. their poll says that people want less government and fewer services. now, is scott brown capturing this tea party populist tide this evening? >> you'll be very happy to know that my new book with art laffer
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which will be on the book shelves in two weeks, well timed, called "return to prosperity." so i think this election is a har binger of that. i think peter is right, there's huge frustration with the unemployment rate and the fact that americans are so anxious about losing their homes an losing their job, but i think there's something else going on here, something you've talked about on this show for the last year. this tea party movement is big, it's really, it's something a lot of people in washington poo-pooed. and what we're finding out is it's not just republican red states, that it's happening in states like massachusetts. i think it is a revolt about everything that barack obama has done since he's entered office. the stimulus plan, cash for clunker, the $10 trillion debt budget, all of he's policies have add up to a sense of rage of voters that our government is out of control. >> but robert tracinski, i'm still not sure either of our two prior contestants has really captured the tea party message. and i want to go to you on that
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because you you write about this constantly. and i think in some sense with the pickup truck and the jfk, a democrat cutting taxes across the board where his younger brother, teddy kennedy, opposed them for all these decades, i think there's more to it than that. if this can happen in massachusetts, robert, had can happen anywhere. you it tell me. am i reading too much into this election? >> there's been a lot of discussion recently after ted kennedy passed away about what was ted kennedy's legacy. his legacy was to help the far left take over the democratic party. his legacy was to associate the illustrious kennedy name with the far left and help basically the '60s radicals took over the democratic party. and what we're seeing in massachusetts is a lot of about 20% of democrats are going to scott brown. these are the sort of traditional blue collar democrats, the people who are not part of the far left, people who aren't a part of the counter culture. you but the big picture i think
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is that america is still a nation of individualists, that the calculation the democrats made in 2008 when they won the election, they had the idea that america wants to have a giant welfare state, they're ready to accept socialism. and the big message the last year is america is still a nation of individualists who don't want to be controlled by or taken care of by the state. and part of that and especially they don't want to be controlled by a sort of self-appointed political elite that thinks they have an entitlement to role. and that connects to the martha coakley campaign and her whole attitude of sort of the contempt for the very idea of having to go out and shake hands with voters in the cold. >> you can imagine that? >> or drive a pickup truck around. the whole idea that you have to answer to the voters. >> pickup trucks and she couldn't federal government out that the curt schilling pitched for the boston red sox is probably stupidest thing i've
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ever heard. i want to go back to what bob just said. there is a sense, and i think this election helps to crystallize it, that there is an imperial left wing congressional and washington overreach, that it is forcing big government solutions with all of its taxing and spending down the throats of americans who in a center right country that still believes in individualism as take that "washington post" poll said don't want it. in a sense, this election tonight in massachusetts, an unlikely spot for such a referendum, is becoming a referendum on this left wing imperial overreach coming out of washington, peter. >> well, with all those left wing imperial overreachers who won in 2008. it was not a secret that barack obama was going to foush national health care. j but >> but he never talked about the public option. he never went this had far. he never talked about taxes a
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across the board. >> he actually did talk about it. he talked about basically a major push with more federal money to try to cover the uninsur uninsured. and i suspect they'll vote for him again in 2012. right now he's in a very bad business cycle and democrats are demoralized by this and republicans are feeling their oats. but ronald reagan got sha lacked in 1982 and had a re-election landslide. >> but there's something else going on here. first of all, larry, it's to the point you make a lot. what impressed me with mr. browne is he ran as a candidate of hope and change. he talked about positive changes, not just like you said, he talked about tax rate reductions to get the economy going, shrinking the government, not growing it. and i think one of the problems democrats have run into is president obama keeps talking about how wonderful the economy is. he talks about there's a slight tick down in the unemployment rate. now, i know you think the economy is getting better, but
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out there in real america, americans are still very concerned about their ability to retain their job or find one. >> can i they in something about the tea party movement and where all this came foreign policy, why the democrats actually won in 2008. i don't think it was because they promised to bring in socialized medicine. i think they won a n. large part because people were upset at the republicans. in touch with the tea party people, i think it's a wrong idea that this began as a backlash against obama. the people i know, it began as a back lash against bush and against the republican leadership it in congress when they voted for the bailout back in october 2008. so i think the reason why obama won is is that people were sick and tired of the republicans, the republicans had basically alienated their whole base of support by not standing up, we had me, too, mccain running as the candidate, but not standing up for the free market.
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so i think this backlash against big government didn't start with obama and it's not just about obama. it started under bush. and it really was against both parties. >> how do you explain that scott brown supports the universal health care plan in massachusetts which is arguably more progressive than the one they're considering in congress? >> steve moore, what did you make of that? >> i have no illusions about scott brown. >> they didn't have across the board tax hikes. they didn't have -- >> that's it. i don't like the massachusetts plan. never liked it. and i agree with peter, you're exactly right, that scott brown voted for it, but, steve moore, is that -- how do you read that? in other words, he's going down, he has campaigned on being the 41st vote to stop obama care. that is a drew shal part of this his plan. health care stocks have been rallying including today, other than the hospitals which may lose money if the bill doesn't go through, every other part of health care went up today. the stock market looks like it's
7:16 pm
welcoming this scott brown revolution. but peter beinart does make the point, are we reading too much into it. will scott brown uphold his promises on taxes, on spending, on cap and trade and on health care? >> you know what, even people in massachusetts didn't like paying high taxes. and that's one of the messages. a lot of these people who have driven this campaign talk about brown in the cop text of the boston tea party. they say they didn't have might go to do about taxes. they should reread their history books. >> who said that? which demi said that, which dope said that? was that a democrat said that? >> you yeah, the democrats have been saying that the tea party had nothing to do with taxes. >> the boston tea party had nothing to do with taxes? >> yeah. i'll find you the truck. >> be i'ds the pickup truck attack by obama that is the dumbest thing i've heard. peter beinart, defend your party. how can they be so historically
7:17 pm
stupid. >> >> it's one thing to have your taxes raised by congress that you elect. it's another thing to have them raised by a foreign country where you have no representation. but putting the history aside, there's no question, first of all, although massachusetts leads democrats, reagan won that straight twice. the party does have a significant core of more right leaning democrats and they've elected republicans for governor. >> i don't mean to interrupt you, but my friend bill weld a filthy supply sider. so i'm in favor of the good people of massachusetts. i think they have great common sense. >> but it's also important to remember that the democrats partly because of their own arrogance nominated an incredibly poor candidate, a whom who had never been tested in a serious statewide race before. had they nominated one of their stronger members of congress, they probably would win this race. >> no, no, i disagree.
7:18 pm
i think the problem is that the candidates you're talking about are the establishment candidates. and if this is nothing else, larry, and we don't know what will happen tonight, but if it's a republican victory, it's also an anti-establishment. >> bob tracinski, will you explain that this is not a republican -- this is a tea party victory. that's part of the revolt. that's why i keep night after night on the show, i talk about tea party populism or free market populism. that's what's going on here. there's a revolt against those old liberal bulls in the house of representatives that the "wall street journal" editorialized today, all those guys voted in in the early and mid-70s and they're in this bizarre time warp and the country is furious at them and the republicans. >> absolutely. and we're talking about taxation without representation as one of the the issues. >> hang on one second. we have a picture.
7:19 pm
this is an extraordinary picture of coakley headquarters. is that her headquarters sms there's to one there. there's no one in the headquarters. now, i think if we can get a picture of the scott brown headquarters, it's teaming with people. look at this. look at the scott brown headquarters. now go back to the coakley headquarters. there's no one in the building. peter, look at this. this is unbelievable. peter beinart, this is worse than when the giants lost their last two football games. look at this, there's nobody in coakley headquarters. >> as a patriots fan, i was happy to see the giants go down. >> there's nobody in their headquarters except camera people. >> this is going to produce a lot of recriminations amongst democrats in mass misand nationally, but my prediction is obama will go full speed ahead with health care and he may well get it. >> are you kidding me? bob tracinski, were saying before i interrupted you about coakley headquarters. >> taxation without representation and this whole
7:20 pm
idea that we're going to have this vote where the people could not speak more clearly to say they don't want this bill and then the democrats in congress and the bamg administration are just going to force it through anyway. that's a lot of what is setting people off, the idea that the people who have supposed to answer to us, the politicians, are not listening it to the people. and that's what marsha coakley put across loud and clear. >> george w. bush didn't follow the polls when he pushed through the surge, did he? >> i don't want to debate the surge. bush won the surge. you know that. >> but you point is politicians won't act on -- >> steve moore, peter beinart says health care will pass no matter what happens tonight. bow believe that? >> i think if the did thdemocra this race, you'll have tea partiers with pitch forks marching on washington. >> peter beinart, thank you ever
7:21 pm
so much. steve moore, robert tracinski, good to meet you. coming up, new hampshire senator judd gregg will join us. how will his future colleague, whoever it turns out to be, impact capitol hill? free market capitalism, america's prosperity. what's in the water in massachusetts? they are drinking some really good stuff. and, again, here's some live pictures of both campaign headquarters. there is scott brown's headquarters. we're talking activity. we're talking people. we're talking population. we're talking excitement. now we're going to switch over to martha coakley's headquarters. we're talking about a couple of camera men and maybe a broadcaster or two. there ain't nobody there. what does that tell you? that's the best exit poll i've seen. this is the kudlow report, free market capitalism, tea party populism. you're watching cnbc, we're first in business worldwide.
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welcome back to the kudlow report. a special edition tonight. a potential political earthquake in the state of massachusetts as state senator scott brown could be defeating martha coakley. the polls will close at 8:00 p.m.
7:25 pm
we are at 7:27 as i talk. is it going to be a tremendous victory for free market capitalism, what i frequently describe as tea party populism. let's bring in new hampshire republican senator judd gregg, ranking member of the budget committee. you're from new hampshire. there's something going on in massachusetts that is very unusual and mr. gregg i'd like to hear your first take on it. >> i think it's going on across the country. and massachusetts is simply an expression of that and it's already occurred. the fact that a race for the senate in massachusetts would be this close and potentially have a republican winner is staggering politically. and i think the statement is really simple. it's not only the health care issue, it's cap and trade, it's the massive deficits, the stimulus package, it's cash for clunkers. the american people are looking at this and they're saying we're losing our country, we're going to he said up beiend up being t generation to pass on a country
7:26 pm
less prosperous than we received from our parts. and that is totally out of the mainstream of the political thought and the approach that people want to see in in their lives. they want to pass on a stronger and more prosperous country. what they're seeing is the explosion in the growth of government which we can't afford and which we know our children will have to pay for and most americans have just come through this recession or are still going through it and they're saying, hey, i've had to tighten my belt, what's going on in washington. >> so would you agree with me that there is a strong dose of this tea party populism and that this fellow, scott brown, who no one really knew up until a couple weeks ago, we had him on the show, smo before any of the kass oucasts came out. is there a national tea party rallying cry and scott brown is riding that wave? >> yes, no question about it, the tea party started in boston and it's being renewed in
7:27 pm
massachusetts. and scott brown is an excellent candidate. this is a quality guy, a fiscal conservative, he understands the need to give an opportunity for people to be successful and pot have government stifle them. he understands the mornls of maintaining low tax burdens, having a government you can afford. and, of course, he's a lieutenant cornell in the national guard, served his country. came through his own hard times with his family when his mother was on welfare. this guy has a great story and he's running against the machine in massachusetts. and people who come from massachusetts understand that the machine in massachusetts is a replication of what's happening here in washington. it's just one party government that's excessive and it spends too much money. >> and if mr. brown wins, how do we begin to predict then, okay, health care down, cap and trade down. i want to ask you about tax hikes down and i want to ask you about spending increases down. because you've got all had this
7:28 pm
stuff, it's like the economy may do better this year 20 10rks but it's going to hit a huge wall in 2011 as the tax hikes kick in and the fed has to exit its massive stimulus package. in other words, do -- if he wins, is it going to be a policy revolution, senator gregg, as well as a political revolution? >> i don't think the other side's listening, larry. if you listen to speaker pelosi today, she said they were going to pass this health care bill whether brown was elected or not. they'll run it through. >> do you agree with her? >> well, they have the tools to do it. if they want to at that time sat bill which was an outrage in its size and effect on private insurance and people's ability to buy their own insurance and its effect on medicare, cutting medicare by trillions of dollars, if they want to at that time senate bill and ram it through the house and accepted it to the president to sign it, they have the votes right now. scott brown's election, if he's successful and hopefully he will be, won't change that. and clearly the leadership of
7:29 pm
the democratic party hasn't gotten the message because speaker pelosi said that today. that's what they intend to do. so you still have a government here in washington that's run by some folks from san francisco and other places who truly believe that if you dramatically grow the size of government, you create prosperity which certainly flies in the face of history. >> the stock market seems to be saying that the high tide of democratic pelosi, reid, obama, left liberalism, the high tide has been reached tonight and that now it will change that local atmosphere. your last thought on that. is the stock market right, senator gregg? >> the stock market usually is right because it's people putting their money at risk. they usually know what they're doing. so i would usually bet on the stock market, but i have to tell you, the people running this government today are very entrenched in their views which come out of the '60s and '70s and which basically design government to be larger and larger in order to take care of
7:30 pm
con statistic uhe sense that i they feel will vote for them and they end up driving up the debt and passing it on toour kids ani don't think it will be good for this country this f. they continue on this course. and hopefully scott's election if he's successful will be a wake-up call. >> i think we saw precursors in virginia and new jersey. that i think's what this election is about. thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. coming up on the kudlow report, we'll go to senate candidate scott brown's headquarters for an update on the massachusetts rait race. there's a ton of people in scott brown's headquarters. there is no one in martha coakley's headquarters. we're looking. if someone is in martha koekry's headquarters, please call me. the question is, are l. there be a new bull market rally if state senator brown pulls off the upset of the century tonight. that is our next tackle. my pal, jimmy cramer, says yes. and i think that jimmy's for the this story right. the kudlow report, we will be
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7:34 pm
it's a ghost town. >> reporter: well, there's not only these people standing behind me. we're about halfway through this room. there's about twice as many back on the other side of this riser. and they have been waiting since the doors opened a little bit before 8:00. people have been waiting dying to get in here to join the party that they think is going to happen. it's been that way at the polls today, too. you had a lot of people particularly brown supporters waiting at the polls to get in, absentee ballots were high, as well, and a lot of those were brown voters. >> i'm sorry, go ahead with your thing. we had some technical things. >> reporter: absentee ballots were surprisingly high. voting firofficials were caught surprise. by one poll they were running about 56-42 in brown's favor giving an indicator of possibly of hinges to come and brown voters were out in force early this morning, long lines at the polls particularly in a suburban
7:35 pm
areas. they were generally favoring brown. in the city, not such a big turnout. so whether it's coming to vote or coming to party it the brown voters and supporters are coming out in force. >> great stuff. dan, thank you very much. sorry for that technical interruption. coming up, how will the massachusetts election affect the marketplace. more money politics with our panel. this is a big win for free market capitalism if, in fact, it's a win. i can't call the race because the polls are open until 8:00 p.m. tonight, but we're right here at the cuddly report. we'll give you the play by play on stocks. this coulding a real turn around from the left wing assault on capital formation and economic growth. anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app...
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special edition of the kud will he report. will a scout brown victory trigger a major bull market rally is this i love this screen .on the left is the scout brown headquarters teaming with enthusiastic supporters. on the right is the martha coakley headquarters and there's nobody there except the spare broadcast or media technician. god bless them. that may tell the story.
7:39 pm
let's talk to john carney, mappinging editor business, don luskin, cnbc contributor, and brian gardner, washington analyst. john carney, he's going to win. scott brown will win going away and i want to know if my friend, jim any cramer, is right about a big rally because i agree with jim cramer. we have issues to get through, but this is a shot in the arm. the end of the arch rival to capitalism could be tonight. >> i think you're right. this is bullish for stocks. i think the market will rally and i think it will last. i think even if the democrats don't learn the lesson of tonight and keep pushing their big government programs, that just means they get blown out in november so the stock market rally keeps going. if they do learn their lesson, that's also bullish for the economy and bullish for the
7:40 pm
stock. >> the more they push, the more the imperial left pushes and tries to jam this stuff down the throats of the american people, not to speak of the investor class, john, the more and deeper they dig their own grave in november, which itself is bullish. >> absolutely. they are right now doing the best they think they can do if they wanted to get populist tea party candidates who really believe in the free market to rise up against them. and the idea that they're going to jam health care down the throats of the americans regardless of tonight's result is exactly what if i were a republican strategist i would be hoping they would do because it will mean they will lose in november. >> donald luskin, i was crushed. i broke down and cried when i read your article today because you were so nonplussed by this and you said a, no, there's no stock market rally. tell me i'm wrong. >> i didn't say that.
7:41 pm
let me get you another copy. >> you were jaded. you were nonplulsed. there was no excitement. you said, okay, we'll get a little gridlock, but that's all. >> the reason i say that is because i don't believe that the republicans reat that time house or the senate, which a big stretch goal at this point still, despite what's happening in massachusetts right now, that's not going to bring ronald reagan back to life. the republicans don't have a pro-growth agenda any more than the democrats do. the best we can hope for is blessed gridlock. and the reason i'm not all that enthusiastic about believe has gone we're going to see 1,000 points up on the dow tomorrow when it turns out that brown wins as he will, is that i believe the democrats have been effectively gridlocking themselves ever since president obama took office. other than that stimulus bill, what have they accomplished? zero, nothing, zilch. so let's make it official in november and have them lose the house. but that's not really a substantive change from where we already are.
7:42 pm
>> if scott brown wins, i have to go past on this, brian, health care. is it dead? >> not dead, but mortally -- almost mortally wounded. it's in a lot of trouble. a lot of people are saying that they'll at that time senate bill and jam it through the house. not that easy. there are constitutional issues, revenue measures have to start in the house. you just can't take a senate bill and have the house pass it. and hen the abortion issue, you can't take the house bill and shove it through the senate. big problem for health care. >> so they're going to have a problem getting that through. >> huge problems. >> the bank taxes. president obama went to massachusetts sunday and blasted scott brown for opposing the bank tax. now, brown is running an anti-tax campaign, period. what might be the disposition, the outlook for the bank tax if scott brown wins tonight? >> when it came out last week, i thought that taxes were going to have to change in order to pass. i think if brown whips, i'm more confident in that view. because democrats will have fewer votes to deal with in the
7:43 pm
senate and i think the bank tax became an issue in the last couple of days. brown came out and said it's a pass-through. it's not a tax on banks, it's a tax on bank customers. and if you believe that, and i think a lot of members of the senate do buy into that argument, and if brown wins and overcomes the president's using the argument against them, then i think that -- >> so that's open for business. the payroll tax on investment and capital dwayne gains going reopened for business. >> it's going to be tough to get a budget through. let's not kid ourselves about tax cuts coming. the budget debate over the next year or so is going to be tough. dealing with the estate tax, dealing with income tax. >> let's not raise them. that would be the best part. don luskin, i got to tell you, you are right to this extent. the republicans are not smart, okay? and last week, you had this rumor that there was some congressional support, don, to
7:44 pm
extend the bush tax cuts for another couple years. which makes imminent sense. before we can move to a 15% flat tax rate which i support. but i didn't hear any republicans campaigning on that. they didn't press that when they had it hot. i don't even hear them on scott brown for heaven sakes. it blows my mind. >> it's because the republicans have fallen into the trap that out of power, they become populists. i just really worry that a bunch of populist republicans get swept into the house in november that we're just going to get protectionism and anti-immigration and the worst most hateful elements of the republican party instead of the noble elements. and that's what tear guys me. if only they could all be like scott brown. >> all right, john carney, i'll give you the last word. can a massachusetts tea party populist jfk/reagan tax cutting guy who drives a pickup truck, can he rally hmos carney,
7:45 pm
can he ral oil and gas, can he rally drug stocks? >> yes, he can temperature he can cause a rally by freeing them from the trap they've been in for a long time, which is which kind of government regulation do we want. do we want obama or the other ones? what can he do is say, no, free throw market is the way to go and get them behind him. >> he can lead us out of bondage. and i think my pal, jimmy cramer, will be right. ic sooner or later, this whole game is changing. tonight scott brown is the most important politician in america. that is the long and short of it. and don luskin, your tongue split, but i agree with you, he's going to win. he's going to win going away. i'll eat crow tomorrow night if -- >> out of bondage, though. >> it's a tricky subject. thank you, gentlemen. coming up, the polls close at the top of the hour and we will see just exactly what the
7:46 pm
national far reaching implications are. we've got another bunch of expert people to talk about the money and the politics of the scott brown victory to be maybe. the polls are open until 8:00 p.m. there is no one in the martha coakley headquarters. i'm using that as a leading indicator. please stay with us. more leading indicators. there you can see. there's nobody there. how the hell can she win? there's nobody in her headquarte headquarters.
7:47 pm
7:48 pm
[ crowd gasps ] [ announcer ] if you think about it, this is a lot like most job search sites. - they let everyone in, - [ crowd groans ] so the best people can't stand out.
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join the premium job site for only $100k+ jobs... and only $100k+ talent. more on scott brown versus martha coakley. the polls close in almost nine minutes to go. i want to know about if there's a seismic event here for national politics. megan, happy new year. i haven't seen you since then. my bad, but always a pleasure to see you. is there a truly national event? massachusetts would not be my first choice expectation for a tea party pop uhist revolt. so i'm assuming that you will assume this is a national event. but before i assume that, i got to hear what you're saying. >> absolutely. i think if brown manages to pull this off, i'm going to start believing in ufos and unicorns.
7:50 pm
this is a pretty amazing event for massachusetts, the home of ted kennedy, one of the most liberal states in the country, to be the state that may well elect the senator who derails health care reform. >> well, sometimes, mark, massachusetts does take the lead. but i want to ask you, my credo on this program is i think you both know that free market capitalism isth best path to prosperity. scott brown may not be perfect, no one's perfect, but from what i've seen in this campaign, he's pretty solid when it comes to taxes and spending and health care and cap and trade. this guy is a capitalist and that's why stock market is getting pretty excited about this. what is your take? >> i think he absolutely is the real deal. he is the kind of politician that very quickly realized that there is a middle american rebellion going on in this country and that includes massachusetts. and he got out in front of it and said let's go. and he's going. >> and megan, why can't they go
7:51 pm
back? big health care is dead. henry wax map is on the taman i. this just came across. if he wins, they have to seat him before the vote. why don't they go back to the drawing board, help the trulien insured low income, interstate insurance reforms and go small ball on this? wouldn't that make more sense? >> i think they may well end up going small ball. there was a good article in the new republic saying exactly that. but it's a hard decision to make. the democrats came in feeling like they had this fdr style mandate to enact what they had always dream of, which was remaking the entire health care system of the united states respect or it at the very least laying the ground work to do that. >> big mistake. >> to now go back and say, well, huh, i'm giving you s-chip expansion feels like quite a come down and they feel like this that may cost them votes in
7:52 pm
november. >> mark, last few seconds. what does this do for the 2012 race to the republicans? is there a republican listening to tea party populism? >> i think could possibly make it more complicated because scott brown may actually have saved the democrats from themselves. >> all right. saved the democrats from themselves. he may save the republicans, too. megan, thank you ever so much. mark, thank you. coming up, my last quick thought. we're going to see if there's anybody in coakley headquarters. wow, that's a low price! wow, that's a low price! how many products do we carry? [ man ] 7,000. wow, that's a low price! i'll get him a cart. hot diggity dog! yeah. that's a low price! [ male announcer ] staples has low prices on everything you need for your office. and we mean everything. staples. that was easy.
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the people in massachusetts may speak tonight. if they vout for scott brown, it could be a huge win for free market capitalism. the stakes are very high. scott brown, let's see if canhen pull it off. we'll talk about it tomorrow. what's going on? we ordered a gift online and we really need to do something with it... i'm just not sure what... what is it? oh just return it. returning gifts is easier than ever with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate.
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and the "bill gates dancers!" >> he started out as a shy, computer obsessed teenager and ended up the richest man in the world. >> "the lifestyles of the rich and famous?" no, that-that's never been bill gates. you-you get the sense that the money is almost an annoyance to him. >> william henry gates iii, most people just call him "bill gates" has built an empire by thinking way outside the box. >> i-i have no doubt that 100 years from now, he will be talked about in the same way that rockefeller and carnegie and-and ford are talked about, as people who transformed an era. >> now, after leading the digital revolution and facing several government anti-trust battles, bill gates is a different man than he was just a few years ago. he's a devoted father and an avid golfer who just happens to have a portfolio worth $50 billion.
7:59 pm
he could rest on his laurels, but that's not the bill gates style. >> what makes gates so competitive is that he finds it fun. he finds this like a thrilling game, like the games he used to play as a kid. >> he's loved and respected, hated and reviled. but one thing neither detractors nor supporters can deny, is the lasting impact bill gates has had on our time. [ music ] the values that shape bill gates as one of the business titans of the 20th century go back to his roots in the great northwest. bill's great grandfather, j.w. maxwell, founded the first national bank in seattle. the maxwells enjoyed their privileges and social position, but were never ostentatious about their wealth. their son, willard, also a banker, and his wife, adele, who hapa

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